Intersac is proud to be the largest Pumice Stone manufacturer & exporter for textile applications worldwide. The Pumice Stone can be used in various industries such as denim and textile industry, agriculture, construction, etc.

The pumice stone extracted from Intersac mines in Turkey is used in the abrasion for stonewashing of denim. Comparatively to other pumice stone, Turkish pumice stone has 25-30% less erosion and therefore makes more business sense.

We can supply 3 micro calibers:

  • 3/5 cm
  • 2/4 cm
  • 1/2 cm


– Automated: The Pumice is extracted from the mines and put on conveyor belts to be dried and prepared for the 1st calibration. Click to view INTERSAC’s Pumice Stone facility in Turkey.

– Flotation: Our unique flotation system removes all foreign stones and dust.

– 2nd calibration: Screening performed for a second time to ensure our customers receive the best of the stone at a constant quality and size.

– Tumbling: Tumbling rounds the pumice so jeans are not damaged by sharp corners.

– Packaging: The stones are calibrated (popcorn, 1-2 cm,1.5-2.5 cm, 2-3 cm, 2-4cm, 3-5cm) and packaged in bags of 18kg, 25kg or customized as per client requests.

  • PUMICE STONES 3/5 bag

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