Pulp and Paper

In an era where environmental sustainability is not just a goal but a necessity, our focus lies in providing innovative and eco-friendly formulations that meet the demanding needs of this sector.

Our extensive range of products caters to various aspects of pulp and paper manufacturing. From the initial pulping process to the final paper finishing, we understand the unique challenges faced by this industry. Our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce environmental impact.

Key areas of our expertise include:

  • Pulping Chemicals: Optimizing the pulping process with chemicals that ensure high-quality pulp while minimizing environmental footprint.
  • Bleaching Agents: Offering eco-friendly and efficient bleaching solutions that maintain paper strength and brightness.
  • Process Chemicals: Enhancing operational efficiency with chemicals that aid in various stages of paper production, from cooking to cleaning.
  • Functional Additives: Providing additives that improve paper properties such as strength, printability, and moisture resistance.

Recognizing the industry’s evolving needs, Intersac remains at the forefront of research and development. Our goal is to continually offer innovative products that not only meet current industry standards but also anticipate future requirements.

Our commitment extends beyond product supply. We offer comprehensive support in logistics and supply chain management, helping our clients streamline their operations and focus on their core business.

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