At Intersac, we are committed to completely satisfying our customers. We offer our clients the best chemical solutions to suit their needs and ensure their satisfaction. Our team is made up of conscientious individuals who are in tune with our clients and focused on finding the right solution that answers the specific needs of our clientele. As a result, R&D and quality control are a crucial part of our business. They allow us to ensure that we proactively satisfy our clients’ expectations and perpetuate our reputation of excellence across different industries and fields of activities.


Strategy & Service

  • The way we bring in our key, bulk & specialty products
  • Pass the cost savings onto our clients
  • Constantly adapting to customer and market demands
  • Innovating processes from internal case studies to better serve our loyal client base
  • Providing customized products tailored to our clients’ requirements

Logistics & Such

  • Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Efficient allocation of products
  • Rely on in-house truck fleet and out-sourced to reputable transport partners to ensure scheduled orders are met and meet JIT deliveries.


  • Diversify our sources & partner with the most reputable chemical producers
  • Maintain adequate amounts of product in our inventory at all time
  • Focusing on sourcing the highest quality product from our exclusive and partnered suppliers
  • Continuity of product availability to ensure client satisfaction

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