Intersac is a professional partner of the textile industry and provides chemicals in all essential process and steps. Our range includes products for sizing, pretreatment, optical brightening, analog and digital textile printing, coating and finishing, as well as dyeing auxiliaries.


General Products for Preparation, Bleaching and Dyeing

Textile processing requires high quality chemicals during preparation, bleaching and dyeing. Intersac offers a variety of commodity chemicals for your textiles needs.



Pre-treatment is very important in textile processing. Major steps involved in the process are desizing, scouring and bleaching. We offer high performing products for each step such as wetting agents, lubricants, antifoam agents, dispersing and sequestering agents, fixing and leveling agents, hydrogen peroxide stabilizers, scouring agents and many others. In addition to the auxiliaries we provide, Intersac fulfills all your requirements during the dyeing process as well.



Due to innovations in the textile industry as well as the variety of fabric constructions, the requirements for finishing agents have increased significantly. In order to meet and exceed those need, we offer a variety of high performance products with the additional benefits that modern finishing agents can offer.

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