Intersac, being a world recognized leader in chemical products, offers a large spectrum of ecologically friendly and innovative specialty products for denim applications.


Desizing Agents and Auxiliaries

Sizing agents are used to prevent the threads from breaking during weaving. Our design agents prepare the fabrics or garments for subsequent treatments without any adverse effects.

In addition to many other auxiliaries such as dispersing, sequestering and wetting agents, lubricants and fixing agents provided by Intersac are used in denim processing to achieve the highest quality standard in denim washing.


Enzyme Wash

Most sizes used during weaving denim are starch based. Intersac offers high quality enzymes (alpha amylase) to eliminate starch and prepare fabric for subsequent denim wash treatment.

Denim fabric is mainly made of cellulose. Cellulase enzymes break the polymeric structure of cellulose to achieve a contrast in denim fabric by the elimination of cotton dyed spots. Our broad selection of enzymes at different concentrations and operating conditions (Temperature, pH, etc) give you the flexibility to obtain a palette of different looks.

Intersac also provides laccase enzymes to fade denim without damaging garments and catalase enzymes to remove residual hydrogen perozide after the bleaching process.

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