Founded in 1988 in Montreal, Intersac (International Suppliers and Contractors Inc.) is a dynamic and progressive private company working in the field of chemical production, manufacturing and distribution. Intersac is a chemical and allied product wholesaler and distributor. Its strength draws from its globally reputable suppliers. With experience in international logistics, INTERSAC serves a variety of industries internationally.

We offer services such as on time delivery, product mix, reformulation, and repackaging that enable us to meet clients’ tailored demands, while maintaining a partnership approach that allows to provide support in the development of their businesses.Our experienced R&D team continuously develops products customized for large commercial and industrial consumers.

Intersac has become part of several major industries, namely mining, oil and gas, recycling, water treatment and spa, cellulose insulation, and plant nutrition and animal feed where we started developing products to meet the requirements of European standards and to allow manufacturers and producers to maintain their high quality production.



To fulfill the company’s commitment to total client satisfaction, INTERSAC products undergo a rigorous testing and quality control process before being delivered.



In order to better meet the evolving needs of its clients, Intersac places innovation at the heart of its activities. Through the diligence of its experienced R&D team, Intersac is proud to offer the very best products available on the market.



Through innovation, Intersac is also ever improving its processes in order to achieve and maintain ecological harmony. Intersac prides itself in choosing environmentally compatible chemistry.



In Canada, with its auxiliary logistics, Intersac is able to serve its clients from coast to coast . Worldwide, Intersac has distribution centers in Asia, Middle-East and Unites-States , an international logistics infrastructure in place that allows the company to serve its clients around the world quickly and efficiently.

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