Our Company

About Intersac

Intersac Canada defines itself not just as a distributor in the chemical industry but as a strategic ally in the intricate landscape of chemistry. Our influence extends internationally, with operations across more than 20 countries, overseeing the management of over 350,000 metric tons. Our dynamic and skilled workforce,numbering over 350, highlights our commitment to excellence and global reach.

At the foundation of our company are the values of entrepreneurship, honesty, accountability, fairness, and client-focused. These principles are not merely guidelines. They are the essence of our daily endeavors. Our team, central to our mission, is nurtured to be proactive and innovative, embodying the spirit of leadership and ingenuity at Intersac.

Our commitment to quality is paramount and uncompromising. Through rigorous quality control measures, we ensure the integrity of your chemicals from transportation to delivery. By investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced equipment, and the continuous development of our team, we guarantee seamless operations. Environmental responsibility is integral to our operational ethos, guiding us in maintaining a harmoniousbalance with our surroundings.

Why Choose Intersac

Intersac stands out with its all-inclusive, hassle-free logistics services. Every step of the journey, from the initial pick-up to the final delivery, is handled with utmost care, ensuring clients have a worry-free experience. Our logistic capabilities are enhanced by our extensive warehouse capacity and trucking fleet, encompassing over 100 trucks and trailers, which allows us to maintain direct oversight over every delivery. This results in a service that is not only consistent but also remarkably efficient.

Our ability to operate on a global scale, combined with our specialized expertise in handling complex logistics, particularly in the chemical sector, makes us adept at navigating stringent shipping regulations with ease. Choosing Intersac means opting for personalized customer service, adaptable solutions that fit your unique needs, and a flexible approach that aligns with your business objectives. All of this is offered at a competitive price point, ensuring that you receive great value while meeting your logistical needs.

Our Story

Founded in 1988, Intersac has been a family run since its inception. Its journey to become a premier raw chemical distributor and manufacturer is a testament to perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Mission

Intersac is innovation and agility in the global chemical supply chain.

Our Vision

Intersac strives to lead the industry in chemical distribution, supplying the world with quality, innovation, sustainability, and service.

Our Advantage

At Intersac, we are committed to completely satisfying our clients. We offer our clients the best chemical solutions to suit their needs and ensure their satisfaction. Our team is made up of conscientious individuals who are in tune with our clients and focused on finding the right solution that meets their specific needs. As a result, R&D and QC are a crucial part of our business. They allow us to ensure that we proactively satisfy our
client’s expectations and perpetuate our reputation of excellence across different industries and fields of activities.

Our Strategy

We follow the strategy outlined below in fulfilling our mission and vision:
1. Diversify our sources and partner with the most reputable chemical producers
2. Maintain adequate amounts of products in our inventory at all times
3. Rely on our transportation fleet for product delivery
4. Develop customizable-economical solutions through our advanced R&D and QC


R&D and QC are crucial to our business.

The benefits are:

  • Boost sales
  • Increase your profitability
  • Open new markets
  • Brand enhancement
  • Top talent attraction
  • Create new business partnerships