NEOZYME GML is a cellulase enzyme preparation produced using a genetically modified strain Trichoderma reesei. The preparation is efficient in the modification of cellulosic material and it is especially suitable for the finishing of processes of cellulosic fabrics. It can also be used in applications processing cellulosic material derived from wood and plants.


– Improves the hand and appearance of fabrics and permanently reduces the tendency of pilling
– It is especially suitable for the finishing process of cellulosic fabrics made of cotton, linen, viscose or lyocell.


Appearance : Light brown, liquid
Composition : Cellulase (endo-1,4--D-glucanase).
Solubility : Miscible with water.
Density : 1.0 – 1.1
pH : 5.0 – 5.5
Compatibility : It is not compatible with strong acid, alkalis, oxidants and reducing agents.


NEOZYME GML is liquid cellulase preparation. NEOZYME GML is specially developed for fabric and garment finishing.

– Enzyme dosage : 0.30 – 2.0% of garment weight
– Liquid /garment ratio : 5.0 – 10 L/Kg
– pH : 5.5 – 6.5
– Temperature : 50 – 65 º C (122 – 150 º F)
– Treatment time : 30 – 40 minutes.

The pH of the washing water should be adjusted before the enzyme addition. Acetate, citrate buffer ,acetic or citric acid can be used for pH adjustment.
Inactivation of the enzyme must be carried out after the treatment. Either alkaline rinse by raising the pH to > 10 for 10 minutes or use of bleaching agents terminates the enzyme reaction.


At room temperature the activity of NEOZYME GML will not decrease below 90% of the declared activity within 3 months from the date of shipment. Storage at 5 – 10 ºC reduces the activity loss and can prolong the maximum storage period. The product should be protected from freezing.


Avoid formation of aerosol and dust of the product. Repeated inhalation of enzyme aerosol or dust may cause sensitization and may cause allergic type reactions in sensitized individuals. For further details on the safe handling of our product, please consult our safety data sheet (MSDS)

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