NEOZYME BE is a stabilized powder cellulose enzyme developed and quality controlled specifically for high abrasion and low backstaining in denim wet processing application. NEOZYME BE results in a lower level of backstaining and strength loss performance as compared to standard cellulose enzyme product.


– High quality Washing.
– Cost Effective.
– Increase Throughput (high levels of abrasion)
– Environmental Friendly( reducing the amount of pumice stone)
– Variety of Finishes (pH : 4.5 – 5.25 ; Temperature: 50ºC – 60 ºC)
– Repeatable Product Performance


– Light brown powder
– pH(1 g/l, 50º C) = 4.5 – 5.5


TEXTILES: “stone wash


0.25 – 2 % NEOZYME BE
With or without pumice stone.
Depending on final abrasion.
pH: 4.5 – 5.25; Temp: 50 –60 º C;
Time: 45–90 min L/R: 1:5

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