Anionic liquid, these products have been developed to produce subtle shade changes on cotton goods.


  • Easy to apply
  • Rapid tinting
  • Short tinting cycle
  • Slow striking and easy leveling

Appearance : Colored liquids
Specific Gravity : 1.0-1.2
Solubility in Water : Soluble
Freeze/Thaw : Prevent from freezing
Ideal Storage Cond. : 10°C-38°C (50°F-100°F)
Viscosity : Pumpable

Set bath at 32°-35°C (90- 95°F)
Add 0.50 – 8.00% owg NEOTINT (depending upon depth of shade required) Run for 5 minutes.

Add 2.00% owg NEOTINT FIX Run for 5 minutes

Raise temperature to 49°C (120°F) at 1°C/minute Run for 15 minutes

Drain, Refill at 43°C (110°F), Run for 3 minutes
Drain, Extract, Dry

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