Neosoft TPT-10 is a proprietary blend of softeners that is used in textile and denim wet processing. It is used in both synthetic and non synthetic blends. It gives a good handle and will combat yellowing due to ozone.


  • It gives superior hand feel on cellulosic and synthetic fibres.
  • Good anti-static properties.
  • It has low tendency to thermo-migration of disperse dyestuffs.
  • It maintains good non yellowing properties on whites.
  • Neosoft TPT-10 is recommended for acrylic fibres as it gives a good handle.
  • It is a relatively economic all purpose softener


Appearance : Off white liquid
Composition : Metylsulphate of dialquilester of N-methyl triethanolammonio
Ionic Character : Non-Ionic / Cationic blend.
pH (100%; at 25ºC) : 3.5 – 5.5
Application on whites: Maintains good anti yellowing properties.


Recommended Usage:
2.0 – 4.0% Neosoft TPT-10 at pH 5.5, Time 15-20 min, Temp 45°C.
10.0 – 40.0 g/L for padding.

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