NEOSOFT COLD FLAKES is an excellent general purpose softener. It imparts a smooth soft hand and antistatic properties for regular and resin finishing of cotton synthetics and its blends.


  • NEOSOFT COLD FLAKES is also an excellent napping assistant for cotton and nylon/triacetate blends.
  • NEOSOFT COLD FLAKES never causes yellowing of fiber even in high temperature.


Nature : Fatty acid amide
Appearance : Slight yellow flakes
Ionic Character : Cationic
Activity : 100%
pH (1 %) : 3 – 5
Solubility : Disperse completely in cold water.


Dilution of NEOSOFT COLD FLAKES are prepared by adding NEOSOFT COLD FLAKES into cold water, stand for several hours, then stirring for several minutes.
If 50 – 60ºC hot water is used, after add NEOSOFT COLD FLAKES into hot water, stirring can be proceed immediately until homogenous dispersion is made.

NEOSOFT COLD FLAKES can be applied to the textiles by dipping or padding. In general 0.1 – 0.5% o.w.f can be used depending on fabric types.

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