NEOSIL NTF is highly concentrated silicone oil that gets emulsified into nano- emulsions, i.e. emulsions with an extremely small particle size. Due to its extraordinary properties NEOSIL NTF imparts a new characteristically very soft and natural hand to woven and knitted fabrics.


Imparts a good handle that can be classified as ‘cool and dry’
On blends like polyester/viscose or modal wool-like handle effects can be imited.
On synthetic fabrics a so-called ‘silky-touch’ (very soft and dry, however) can be achieved.
Stable together with cross-linkers and catalyst in resin finishing baths.
The finishing effects are mostly wash-permanent.
Not yellowing of white goods, which are treated with fluorescent brighteners.


Appearance : Colorless to weakly yellowish viscous liquid
Chemical character : Amino-functional silicone oil, self-emulsifying
Ionic character : Cationic
pH –value(25%) : 4.0 – 4.5
Density @20˚C : 1.00 g/ml

Manufactured cellulosic fibers and its combinations.
0.5 – 1.0% p/p NEOSIL NTF
pH: 4.5 – 5.0 Acetic Acid
Soft water, 30 – 40 º C and

10 – 20 min- Dry from 120 – 160 º C.

12 months under normal conditions. Prolonged storage above 50 ºC has to be avoided. The product is not sensitive to frost.

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