NEOSIL MNX SERIES belongs to a group of silicones microemulsion softeners especially designed to give a heavy, silky hand, and easily applied by exhaustion or continuous methods.

– Adequate for softening all types of fibbers.
– Very full and flexible touch with the typical flexibility of a silicone surface.
– Adequate for permanent finishing.
– Good antistatic effect on synthetic textile and their combinations with cotton and wool.
– No tendency to yellowing under normal drying temperatures.
– Soluble in water.


Appearance : Transparent liquid.
Ionic nature : Slightly Cationic
pH(10 %) : 5.8 – 6.5


Manufactured cellulosic fibbers and its combinations, like in Jeans.

Application method:
Exhaustion 0.1 – 4 % p/p NEOSIL MNX (varies according to the properties of the product)
pH : 5 Acetic Acid Soft water, 30 – 40 º C and
10 – 20 min.
Foulard 5 to 10 %
Dry from 120 – 160 º C.
12 months under normal conditions. Storage temperature: 10 – 30 º C.

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