NEORES FOIL is a proprietary composition of polymers that is used in the textile industry for coating applications on denim and fabrics using high temperature resistance foils. It gives superior adhesion and a good handle.


  • It has good adhesive properties
  • Good resistance to water
  • Can be pigmented.

pH : 8.5 ± 1.0
Total Solids (%) : 40 ± 1.0
Density : 1.05 g/cm3
Brookfield Viscosity (25 º C, Br) : 100 – 200 cps.
Film characteristic : Ductile
Required amount : 30 – 60 %
Ionic Character : Anionic / Nonionic
Average particle size (µm) : 0.35
Freeze/ Thaw Stability : Not Stable


Note: Test must be done to obtain the correct combination of product.

Foil Process:
30 – 60 % of Neores Foil.
70 – 40% Water.

1. The product is sprayed unto the garment
2. The Foil is placed on the sprayed surface.
3. Flat pressed
4. Cured at 145˚C-157˚C
The cover of the container should be kept close each time after dispensing the required amount. In this way you can prevent surface films from forming due to air exposure which may harden and compromised the homogeneity of the material.


Stable for 6 months, in closed drums at ambient temperature (5 – 35ºC). Protect from freezing

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