NEOLUB C is an efficient lubricant for the processing of al type of yarn and fabric. It acts as rheology modifier that reduces friction and increases both fiber and fiber to metal lubricity in water based systems. It can be used in preparation, dyeing and finishing to reduce cracks, rope marks and chaffing.


– It reduces the fibers/fiber and fiber/metal friction coefficient.
– It is especially recommended when working in difficult conditions, in a winch, jet and others.
– It improves the circulation properties of the fabric.
– Reduces cracks, scuffs and pills.
– It does not affect negatively the fastness of the dyestuffs.
– It is adequate for all textile dyeing processes.
– It is adequate in degreasing, washing and bleaching (peroxide).
– Low foaming, so it can be used in all equipment types.


Appearance : Viscous, opaque liquid.
Composition : Polyacrylamide.
Ionic character : Non ionic
Density : ~1.0
pH : 6 – 7
Storage : 1 year in close drums at 20 º C


– For scouring, bleaching and dyeing operations add 2.0 – 3.0 g/l NEOLUB C
– Pre-dilute in hot water stirring before adding to the dye bath.

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