NEOLAZE 3MX is a stabilized liquid -amylase enzyme designed to eliminate starch sizing by hydrolysis. NEOLAZE 3MX is a desizing polifunctional -amylase used in any kind of starch sizing.


– Eliminate the garment size in Blue-Jean by complete degradation of the starch and derivatives without damaging the cotton fibers.
– Mixing with activator of these enzymes.
– Tensoactives blend with a wetting power that offers a better solubility and size elimination
– A dispersing to avoid redeposition during desizing.


Appearance : Brown liquid.
Composition : a-amylase and surfactant.
Solubility : Water at any ratio.
pH : 6 – 7


– DESIZING 0.5 – 2 g/L or more
NEOLAZE 3MX 15 –20 min, 60 – 90 ºC

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