NEODESTROY is a proprietary mixture of additives that when applied to cotton fabrics and garments that are dyed with Indigo blue will react with the warp yarn, depend on the concentration (DC, D, 3D ,4D, and liquid) used it will form, holes, frayed holes, holes with only the filler yarn or discoloration.


  • Product is prepared in a paste or liquid form.
  • Can be stenciled to any desired form
  • Ease of application due to low viscosity
  • Minimal loss of product during application
  • Very little atmospheric contamination

Physical Properties:
Chemical Nature: Inorganic Acids
Appearance: Colorless Paste
Odor: Acidic
pH (as is): 0-1

Product can be stenciled or brushed on substrates.
The product can be use to give a more natural-used-look than grinding.
After the product is applied it must be reacted in an Oven or a Dryer.
The reaction time is relative to the temperature applied

Suggested Preheated Temperature of Oven:
Temperature: 90ºC – 100ºC
Time: 5.0 –8.0 min.

Dryer: Suggested Preheated Temperature of Dryer:
Temperature: 80ºC – 90ºC
Time: 15.0 – 20.0 min.

Note 1: The reaction is complete when the product starts to turn light-brown to Dark-brown.
Note 2: The low concentration is used on already processed garments.
Note 3: The higher concentration is used on rigid or unwashed garments.

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