NEODEFOAM X68 is a glycolated emulsion defoamer/antifoam based upon a copolymer containing silicone at its code. This special synthesis reduces the drawbacks for spotting and scumming typical of older type silicone defoamers. NEODEFOAM X68 may be used for textile applications ranging from jet dyeing to sizing and preparation, including bleaching.

NEODEFOAM X68 is compatible with textile auxiliaries such as bleaching, dyeing & finishing products, pigment dispersions & sizes.


– Easily handled, easily dispersed product.
– Non VOC material.
– Will not affect waste treatment plants.
– Will not cause spots or scum build-up.
– Stable in high concentrations of electrolytes.
– Stable in bleach baths and high caustic baths.
– Stable over and extended pH range.
– Economical in use levels.


The quantity of NEODEFOAM X68 used will be dependent upon the concentration of foaming products in the formulation and the level of foam control required.

0.10 – 0.25% NEODEFOAM X68 (% On-Weight-Goods)

NEODEFOAM X68 should be the first ingredient added to a formulation to inhibit foam formation before it occurs.
When adding NEODEFOAM X68 to a jet dyeing machine, draw water into the add-tank. Slowly add NEODEFOAM X68 with mild agitation. Add top the jet machine followed by the balance of the chemicals.

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