NEOCAT CS is a modified magnesium chloride catalyst for fast cure durable press applications. It is a ‘hotter’ catalyst than typical magnesium chloride products.

NEOCAT CS is designed to overcome residual alkalinity in the goods to be finished.

NEOCAT CS can be used with either buffered or unbuffered glyoxal-type resins. It is particularly recommended for use with low formaldehyde resins.

NEOCAT CS is recommended for use in flash cure finishing


  • ‘Hotter’ catalytic action than is given by regular magnesium based reactant catalysts.
  • Designed for use on fabrics that contain higher than normal levels of residual alkalinity(>0.05% as NaOH)
  • Fabrics can be cured at lower temperatures and/or higher line speeds.
  • Does not greatly reduce tensile-tear strength and does not contribute to fabric degradation.


Refer to Technical Data Sheet for the specific resin to determine the appropriate amount of NEOCAT CS.
As with any finishing chemical, check NEOCAT CS for bath compatibility with other bath components before mill use.


Appearance : Clear, water-white liquid
Refractive Solids (Brix) : 30%
pH (as is) : Less than 1.0
Specific Gravity (25˚C) : 1.174.
Density, lb/gal (25˚C) : 9.79
Water Solubility : Complete

Keep all containers tightly closed in a cool, dry area in an upright position. Protect from freezing. Best storage temperature is 10 ºC – 32ºC (50 ºF – 90ºF).

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