NEOCAT 2514 is intended to be used as a cross-linking agent in a variety of aqueous coating polymer systems.


  • Formaldehyde free.
  • Low viscosity allows easy mixing into coating mediums.
  • Improve coating performance after numerous washings.
  • Outstanding solvent resistance when fully cured.


Textiles: NEOCAT 2514 is best incorporated into a coating system by mechanical mixer.


Appearance : Milky liquid
Solid : 32% – 34%
Odor : Mildly acrid
Viscosity (Brookfield) : < 100cps, spindle #1 at 20 rpm. pH : 6.0 – 8.0 Shelf Stability : 90 days+ USAGE RECOMMENDATIONS

Drying/Curing Recommendations:
Dry and cure at 121ºC/250ºF for 1-3 minutes minimum. Because many factors will affect the dry/cure schedule, the optimum dwell times and temperatures should be determined by the end user.

Keep all containers tightly closed in a cool, dry area in an upright position. Protect from freezing. Best storage temperature is 10 ºC – 32ºC (50 ºF – 90ºF).


NEOCAT 2514 may cause skin irritation after prolonged and repeated contact. Therefore, do not allow contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Do not ingest. In the event of eye contact, flush with copious amounts of water for at least 10 minutes and call a physician.

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